Tuesday, October 3

Trevecca postpones ‘Giving Day’ to build student emergency fund

By: Claudia Villeda

The university’s first-ever day of giving will be postponed. Instead, the university will host a social media campaign to start a student emergency fund and tell stories of doing good.

“Trevecca Giving Day has a large on-campus component. With classes being online and employees working from home, this Trevecca Giving Back Day is one that will use social media to promote activities, interactions, and story-telling,” said Peggy Cooning, vice president for external relations, in an email.

“Trevecca Giving Day”, a 24-hour campaign giving initiative for the community, was previously scheduled for April 16, but it has been postponed. With a goal of 500 donors in a day, Giving Day was to bring in funding and support for various projects like the addition of a Health Sciences Wing and scholarships for Business and IT majors. The campaign was based on social media and on-campus events and challenges but the shift from traditional classes to online classes now made Giving Day a challenge.

Trevecca will now focus on helping students and connecting the community on April 16.

“Our goal [for Giving Back Day] is to demonstrate through social media the Trevecca spirit of community. Our mission is a Christian community that provides education for service and leadership. Our alumni and students are the reflections of that mission and we’d like Trevecca Giving Back Day to show how that mission is lived out,” said Cooning

With Giving Back Day, students and employees are now encouraged to share an Esse Quam Videri story. That could be a story of someone doing something good, like helping the elderly or just sending encouraging messages to each other.

In addition, there will be a Student Emergency Fund that accepts donations for students in need (https://www.trevecca.edu/give). This emergency fund will assist students for airfare to travel home, paying for car repairs and providing food and gift cards because of a family’s loss of income, according to the website.

“We are aware of families trying to provide for basic needs like groceries and medical care. We have students who are still on campus who cannot afford or cannot go home. The Student Emergency Fund is for these crisis moments in students’ lives,” said Cooning.

On April 16, the community is asked to get in contact with Trevecca friends on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Reuniting with friends through Zoom live streams, send prayer requests, and helping the community.

“Sometimes participating in an activity focused on helping others can bring joy and feelings of connections to yourself. I would encourage all students to pick at least one thing to do on April 16th and then share your experience on social media,” said Cooning.

Giving Day is postponed but it will be scheduled in the Fall when students are back on campus, said Cooning.


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