Thursday, September 28

SGA’s Annual Friday Night Live Returns

By Kayla Williamson

SGA’s Friday Night live is returning once again on April 3 in the Benson Auditorium.

Friday Night Live is a Trevecca event based on the TV show Saturday Night Live.

“Trevecca students perform live skits and create videos with themes that are centered about Trevecca culture,” said Emma Schmahl, social life director. “FNL has been around for many years.”

According to Schmahl, the skit and video topics are chosen by students who meet weekly to brainstorm. Planning for the event started when students returned from Christmas break, and a team of 30 students has been working on It ever since.

Vitor Goncalves, writer and actor for FNL, has been a part of Friday Night Live for the last three years.

“Every new year comes with fresh jokes and things to make fun of, so we hardly run out of content,” he said.

Along with the skits and videos, Vitor’s favorite part of Friday Night Live is the house band.

“I appreciate the insane talent they bring to production,” He said.

Schmahl said Friday Night Live is one of the most popular events hosted by SGA.

“We always run out of tickets so quickly, so I encourage [students] to get [theirs] as soon as they become available,” she said. “[They] are guaranteed to laugh and enjoy [themselves] at this event.”

One of Goncalves favorite videos from Friday Night Live is the called “The Heart,” and was presented in 2018.

“Greg Fritjofson and Jordan Van Nest venture down to Broadway and ask random strangers where they think “The Heart of Nashville” is located. They get a lot of funny responses, but the drunk guy on broadway is the best part,” he said.

For Goncalves, Friday Night Live is also more than a variety show. It’s a place for students to discuss and laugh about everyday issues.

“Let’s be honest, Trevecca isn’t the perfect university the marketing department wants you to think,” he said. “It’s a real university with real flaws and FNL is a place where we can talk about these flaws and laugh about the everyday life of a Trevecca Student.”

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