Thursday, September 28

Mr. Trevecca Cancelled, Lip Sync to replace

By Kayla Williamson

The men’s Pageant titled Mr. Trevecca was due to return Feb. 21 at 7pm in Boone. It was cancelled due to concerns over student behavior.

“It was a decision made by a couple of people in student development,” said Emma Schmahl, social life director. “They were just worried about appropriateness of student behavior.”

Lip Sync, the event set to replace Mr. Trevecca, was an idea that formed last semester. Students will sign up with their name and a song to perform on stage.

“It was an idea we had last semester but just didn’t know where to put it, and so when we found out this was cancelled we still wanted a replacement event, and we wanted it to be a show where people could watch or people could participate” she said. “We already had all the staging and the lights that the production team booked so we thought that would be a fun time to use it.”

According to Schmahl, the events are both similar in different in various ways.

“It’s similar because it’s still a fun event where people can be silly on stage but it’s different because it’s not a pageant style event and it’s not just guys, it can be anyone,” she said.

Students will also have a chance to vote for the winner, one of the other staples of Mr. Trevecca.

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