Thursday, September 28

Trevecca raising funds for new golf facility

By Claudia Villeda

Trevecca is collecting funds for a two-part project that will benefit the golf program and students’ sport participation.

With the recent success within the golf program and increased student participation in intramural sports, Trevecca plans to add a golf facility and to make improvements to the current intramural field that will be adjacent to the new golf facility.

“This golf training facility and the intramural field project is a really big phase of us trying to get the athletic facilities at Trevecca to grow,” said Randy Kinder, director of events and strategic planning.

Last year, the men’s golf team placed fifth in the nation at the 2019 NCAA’s Division II National Championship, and the women’s golf team finished fourth at the 2019 Great Midwest Athletic Conference Invitational. With the addition of a new ultimate frisbee team – The Thrashers, there is a need for more athletic facility funding.

“These are the two main projects that are front and center,” said Holly Whitby, vice president for marketing and admissions. “If we are able to redo the intramural field and we are able to raise that money, that will benefit all students that participate in intramurals.”

The condition of the current field is not in the best shape, so with this investment will correct that, said Whitby.

“I think this project will radically change the way the back corner of campus looks. When we complete the intramural field, the quality of that field for all students to use will be so much better than it is now. It’s a great opportunity to provide much needed green space for athletes and all student body,” said Kinder.

Funding for both projects come only through private donations and fundraisers.

“There are no plans to touch money from the university, it has to be privately funded,” said Kinder.
This is a $600,000 total project but once $200,000 the construction of the building will start. The goal is to begin construction on the golf facility by spring, said Kinder.

There is progressive dinner coming up in February in hopes to break the $200,000 goal, said Kinder. This, in addition to multiple other fundraising initiatives, will help to fully fund this project through private donations entirely.

“It’s any coach’s dream to be as successful as we can on the golf course, but also I want student-athletes as successful as possible in the classroom and I want them to be successful in their lives as young Christian men and women if we can build a facility that can help them become better golfer and provide an opportunity to be Christian role models to younger kids in the opportunity, to me that’s what it’s all about,” said David Head, men’s golf coach.

Trevecca has a fundraiser on Give Campus to raise money from alumni, students, faculty, and more. There is a 3D model that shows the full plan of what the projects will look like.

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