Thursday, September 28

SGA Hosts Annual Valentine’s Day Party

This Saturday, Feb. 15, the SGA Sophomore Council will be hosting their annual Valentine’s Day event at Donelson Strike and Spare bowling alley from 8pm to 10pm.

The event will be free to all students and no registration is required. Transportation will be provided. The bus will leave the Hub at 7:30pm.

“The SGA Valentine’s Day event is a traditional thing for us, and it’s a tradition that the sophomore class plans and hosts every time,” said Marina Yousef, all student body president. “In past years, it’s been in TSAC where there’s food and there’s a theme where couples dress alike. They make cards, and there’s chocolate and cheesecake. But this year we wanted to kind of revolutionize it in a way.”

According to Erica Wigart, sophomore class president, they wanted to create a Valentine’s Day event where both singles and couples were included.

“We decided that we wanted to go with a different kind of party that would be open for singles and couples, so it wouldn’t feel awkward if you were coming alone or if you were coming with a group of your friends or something,” Wigart said. “We decided that bowling would be the best option for that. We’re really excited about it and it’s going to be a super fun event.”

In addition to the changes to the event this year, students will wear their relationship status during the evening in the form of glow sticks. A green glow stick means a student is single, a red glow stick means they are in a relationship, and a yellow glowstick means their relationship is complicated.

“It’s kind of like a traffic light, which I think is really funny. We hope it will start conversations and just be a good time with people,” Yousef said. “It’s not necessarily going to be the standard banquet/party that it’s previously been. I’m excited for the event because it’s a different way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

Don’t strike out this Valentine’s Day—join the fun this Saturday night!

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