Mr. Trevecca returns for the second year

Mr. Trevecca is returning to Trevecca’s campus Friday, Feb.21 at 7pm.

An evening that brings Trevecca’s students together for a time of fun, the event will showcase the talent and personalities of some of our communities’ male students.

“I am looking forward to Mr. Trevecca,” said Matthew Spraker, associate deant of students for community life. “It is an event that shows how TNU students can put on a fun competition event that remains appropriate and shows the creativity of our students.”

At last year’s Mr. Trevecca event, about 150 more students showed up than there was room for. A “viewing room” was set up to so that the overflow of students could enjoy the event.

In response to last year’s seating issues, Emma Schmahl, social life director, said they are planning to fix the problem by moving the event to a bigger space.

“This used to be an old Trevecca tradition and last year was the first year they brought it back,” Schmahl said. “I’m excited to continue it and build on it from last year and hopefully keep it a tradition.”

Marina Yousef, all student body president, is also looking forward to the event.

“Mr. Trevecca is an incredible event on campus because not only is part of the Trevecca’s tradition, but it’s a fun show where we get to show case students and their talents through a new avenue,” she said.

More details on Mr. Trevecca will be released in the coming weeks.

Correction: The date originally said Sunday, Feb 21, 7pm. The actually date is Friday, Feb 21, 7pm.

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