Trojan idol 2019 begins next week

By: Audrey Yawn

trojanidolposter-01On Nov. 20 and Nov. 22, ten students will compete on the Boone Convocation Center stage at Trevecca’s campus-wide singing competition.

Trojan Idol is Trevecca’s version of American Idol where the best singers on campus compete every fall semester. Audience members will be given the chance to vote on their best bet.

A panel of judges selected 10 out of over 30 hopefuls were chosen from the eight-hour audition held last month.

“We had a lot of people… there was a wide range of styles,” said social life director Emma Schmahl. “We have four guys and six girls in the show this year. I think it’s a good change.”

In the past, the live tweets from students has been displayed during the event. The decision to continue that activity is still under discussion as Schmahl and Matt Spraker, associate dean of students for community life, determine a plan for implementing it or cutting it out completely.

“Our students are always great but last year there were some Twitter comments that got out of hand,” said Spraker. “The majority of our students were upset about that. We just started conversation about [live tweeting].”

Nashville based musicians Nancy Daines, Jake Neumar and Josh Mirenda will be the judges for this year’s event.

Senior Reed Coffman will be the host for Trojan Idol this year due to audience demand.

“Reed has a very quick and witty sense of humor,” said Schmahl. “He hosted Trojan Idol a few years ago and people asked to bring him back. He really enjoys entertaining a crowd.”

Band leader Erik Mendez has already begun rehearsing with his house band and will have rehearsals with contestants one week before the competition.

“I would say [we’re] creating an environment that is very prepared and very professional,” said Mendez. “We don’t want to scare anyone off or make them feel unprepared.”

The variety of songs this year have a wide range, said Mendez.

“There’s R&B, there’s pop,” said Mendez. “A lot of who [the contestants] are is reflected in their song choice.”

Trojan Idol will be held in Boone Convocation Center on Nov. 20 and Nov. 22 at 8 p.m. A livestream will be available for those who can’t attend.




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