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SWEET team events helps students grow mentally and holistically

By Kayla Williamson
Navigating safety in Nashville, dating, and sexual health are just an example of the topics covered at SWEET team events.
SWEET stands for Student Well-being Education Engagement at Trevecca. During the semester, the SWEET team hosts events dedicated to topics that are not usually discussed around campus.
With the help of SGA (Student Body Government), Diversity group, Title IX, Resident Directors, and counseling center staff, the SWEET team has already hosted two events for the Fall 2020 semester.
“I don’t think a lot of student’s know about us,” said Miller Folk, Counselor. “Attendance has been really low.”
New Town Road, Safety in the City, which occurred Sept. 3, provided students with advice about navigating Nashville. A Nashville police officer gave tips on how to remain safe when going out and having fun downtown.
Thank You, Next, which took place Oct. 1, gave students advice on how to navigate dating, being clear about intentions, and even taking the next steps when you like someone. Along with Folk, Jamie Cathcart, Tile IX coordinator, Jessica Dykes, associate vice president and dean of student development, and Laurie Wells, resident director, gave students first-hand experiences about their time in the dating scene.
Anna Martinez, nursing major, was invited to Thank you, Next by a friend.
“Relationships are hard to navigate so it’s really important for a lot of people to know what healthy relationships look like,” she said. “Whether we like it or not we are involved in relationships with everyone we’re around.”
Ideas around sexual assault were also discussed. Unsolicited photos, texts, and requests for personal information are issues that seem harmless but are also considered predatory behavior.
Another student in attendance was more focused on boundaries. She was invited by Folk personally to attend the event.
“I think [these events] are helpful because we might have our own ideas around how to navigate those things, but we don’t know the right way to navigate those things, “said Mariam Fawzy, psychology major.
More SWEET team events are coming up in October.
The next event, called Let’s Taco ‘bout sexual, will occur at 7 p.m. in the fireside room. Topics around sexual health, anatomy, and basic information with be discussed. At the end of the presentation, male and female students will split into two separate groups for panel discussions. Students can ask any questions they want as long as it’s related to sexual health.
On October 22, the Tennessee Coalition to end Domestic and Sexual Violence will come to speak to students about healthy relationships. It will be at 7 p.m. in McClurkin 200.
The last event of the semester will take place on October 29 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Titled Trick or Treat or Self, members of SWEET team will give students self-care tips and accept topic ideas for the spring semester.
For students unsure about attending those events, Folk said they should come and try it. She said there are usually cookies and snacks, and Let’s Taco bout Sexual Health will have free tacos.
“Hopefully they will see that the university does care not only about their academic and spiritual health, but their physical, mental, and emotional health as well,” she said.

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