Tuesday, October 3

Live from Trevecca it’s: Friday Night Live

By Miriam Kirk

Shelby Morrison and her team of social life of social life coordinators Hannah Polston, Kennedy Bryan, Stephany Ordonez, Carlie Ray, and her creative assistant Kaylee Franklin and  have been working for several months putting together Friday  Night Live, one of Trevecca’s most anticipated social events.

Shelby Morrison, social life director, says students should come out to enjoy a night of fun.

“This show has been something we have poured any and all of our spare time into. We have about 35 students who have volunteered their time for roughly two months now, working to create comedic content for skits and videos for the show. We also have a live band who will be performing throughout the event as well,” she said.

Friday Night Live is happening tonight in Benson Auditorium. There will be two show times 6:30 p.m. and 9 p.m.

FNL is a spin-off of the well-known tv-series, SNL, where performers poke fun at Trevecca and everything that it has to offer.

Megan Babcock, one of the 35 performers, says the audience should prepare to laugh like crazy.

“I prepared some ideas for weekend update, and am so excited for them to be performed. I’m excited to present to everyone everything we have all worked so hard for. The audience should expect to laugh like crazy and enjoy some time to come together as a school and just have some fun. We are so excited for this event,” she said.

Social life workers volunteer many hours to make sure the show runs smoothly and is entertaining for everyone.

“Pablo Zuniga, our sga audio-visual coordinator, has invested nearly 40 hours between filming and editing and our social life team has invested nearly 110 hours into this production between organizing filming, FNL volunteer member meetings, social life coordinator meetings, meetings with our social life Sponsor, rehearsals, AV meetings, and more,” said Morrison.

Why do social life coordinators volunteer so much of their time unpaid?

“We were all informed of what our positions required of us and what scholarships we would or would not be receiving when we signed up for them. As we are all, of course, extremely thankful for our scholarships, this story is much bigger than money. More than anything, as a team, we just want to see our events succeed for the sake of the student body who will be coming out to enjoy them. We want people to have a great college experience, and this is a chance for us to do our part in helping build that,” said Morrison.

Pablo Zuniga,  sga audio-visual coordinator, says the show is just about having fun and laughing at things that have happened at Trevecca in the past year.

“This show is really just about making people laugh, having a good, and embellishing Trevecca. We’ve shot a few parodies of popular songs for example we made a parody of Party in the USA and made it Party in the UTA,” said Zuniga.

Morrison and the Social life team are keeping the host a secret.

“We are choosing to keep who will be hosting a secret because the big reveal is a part of our intro skit. We hope you will be coming to the show to find out. If you are unable to, this event will also be available on the Trevecca Livestream,” said  Morrison.

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