Thursday, September 21

Trevecca elections begins this week

By: Joshua Michel

The Trevecca student body this week will elect the five executive positions of the student government.

On the ballot Wednesday through Friday are the positions of president, vice president, chaplain, social life director, and communications director.

ASB is the elected body of student representatives who are charged with everything from managing student activity fees, planning events on campus, and being a liaison between students and administrators.

Each spring, the student body elects the executive council after each candidate delivers a speech in chapel.

Below is a list of candidates and a quick summary of what they had to say Tuesday in chapel.

Voting will take place Wednesday through Friday during lunch at the SGA booth in the Jernigan lobby.



Sarah Goodman


Commercial Music major

In her speech in chapel on Tuesday, Goodman focused on how she has transformed as a person in her time with SGA and how she would use those qualities if she were elected.

“I want to serve SGA so that we can go out and serve you guys,” said Goodman.


Ivan Palomares


Exercise Science major

In his speech in chapel on Tuesday, Palomares gave his background story, from coming to the US, leaving his dream school of UT Knoxville, and working a monotonous job for a year before falling in love with Trevecca during welcome week.

“Trevecca is a great place, I love it so much, but there’s always room for improvement,” said Palomares.


Vice President

David Schaffer


Social Justice major

In his speech in chapel on Tuesday, Schaffer said he’s an introvert who wants to compliment all the charismatic members of SGA.

“As your vice president, I would be given the opportunity to work behind the scenes and work and feed into those who lead the body,” said Schaffer.


Luis Ortiz


Business major

In his speech in Chapel on Tuesday, Ortiz talked about his love for numbers and business and how he would enjoy doing it in the role of vice president.

“I believe I have prepared myself and have all the right ingredients for the job,” said Ortiz.



Hannah Somboon


Religion major

In her speech in Chapel on Tuesday, Somboon expressed how she wants everyone to support each other in their relationship with Christ here on Trevecca’s campus.

“Why don’t we walk together? Let’s figure out who we are as people of God,” said Somboon.


Jake Beard


Religion major

In his speech in chapel on Tuesday, Beard focused on the beauty of diversity on Trevecca’s campus and giving everyone a voice.

“I want to be your leader, but I also want to be your friend,” said Beard.


Social Life Director

Shelby Morrison

Academic Junior

Graphic Design major

In her speech in chapel on Tuesday, Morrison spoke on the importance of social events in forming relationships in college.

“College is an incredible time to learn about yourself, the world around you, and form relationship that truly can last a lifetime,” said Morrison.



Hannah Polston


Music Business major

In her speech in chapel on Tuesday, Polston highlighted her experiences such as organizing recent concerts on campus featuring artists Jon Foreman and Elevation Worship.

“I believe bringing in new blood into SGA is a great way to bring in new ideas from the student body,” said Polston.



Ali Birchfield


Graphic Design & Imaging major

In her speech in chapel on Tuesday, Birchfield, running unopposed, told the student body that she is looking forward to serving them well.

“As a graphic design major, I am very passionate about the art of communication,” said Birchfield.


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