Thursday, September 28

Trevecca Civil Rights Trip

By:  Susanna E Taylor
At Martin Luther King Jr’s home, there’s a hole in the front porch from a bombing and the woman giving the tour knew him as her pastor.
She can point out the table where he sat writing speeches and wrestling with God about what to say and do.
Twenty-one Trevecca students will take this tour on spring break next week as part of the Trevecca Civil Rights Tour.
“Being in these places and seeing where history took place has been one of the biggest experiences of my life,” said Matthew Spraker, associate dean of student life and one of the trip leaders.

Students could sign up for a class that met once a semester to prepare for the trip. They’ve been reading about and talking about civil rights and will also explore southern culture and music on the trip.
“I want this trip to bridge a gap of knowledge and put things in perspective,” said Brodrick Thomas, coordinator of student engagement and diversity.
The trip starts out in Memphis and then heads to Selma and Birmingham. Some of the highlights will include Memphis Civil Rights Museum, the carriage tour in New Orleans and the Lowndes Interpretive Center in Selma.
We cram a lot into this trip, which is why we extended it a whole two days from the last time it happened,” said Spraker.
“I’m a social justice major and the civil rights has always been one of my favorite areas in history to study. I’m really excited to be able to go the places I’ve read about in class and see history come alive for me,” said Abby Duren, a senior going on the trip.

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