Thursday, September 28

How to spend Valentine’s Day…College Style

By:  Sydney Wisman

A Trevecca couple was way ahead of the game when deciding what they were going to do for Valentine’s Day this year- and it won’t cost them a cent.

“Honestly, we will probably use a gift card that we got for Christmas,” said junior Anna Ezell, elementary education major. “It seems like the most reasonable thing to do since we are college students.”

In 2017, $18.2 billion was spent on Valentine’s Day. This special day even beats Halloween. $1.7 billion is spent on chocolate and candy and $2 billion on flowers alone.

When it’s broken down, the average person spends around $136. 57.

Let’s be honest. College students don’t have that kind of money laying around.

Another Trevecca couple says they like to keep Valentine’s Day special but can do that on a lower budget.

“He wanted to surprise me because I love surprises. He made me my favorite meal and we watched a movie together. We really enjoyed that a lot because it was nice to do something out of the ordinary instead of going out,” said Rebecca Sweeney, junior business management major.

Cheryl and Mike Jackson, faculty at Trevecca, have spent the holiday together for 47 years. They say each one is just as good as the first. Cheryl especially likes when Mike hand delivers the gifts. This makes the day seem more special to her.

“I will bring stuff into her office the day before, she’s not there that day and I’ll have flowers, and a card, and cupcakes. Cheryl likes cupcakes,” said Mike Jackson.

There are many ways to keep Valentine’s Day close to home and simple.

Laurabeth Winchester, Trevecca alum and lifestyle blogger from LBinthecity, gives her take on how to go low budget this Valentine’s Day. Some suggestions she has, included going to Valentine’s Day brunch or lunch instead of dinner (maybe a little cheaper and less waiting) and splitting rounds of TopGolf with another couple.

Many restaurants and businesses in Nashville also have special deals for this holiday:

KROGER Bouquet flowers marked down
Waffle House

(Lebanon Pike and Sidco Drive)

Romantic Dinner setup
Qdoba purchase entrée and kiss someone to get second entrée free ( equal or lesser value)
Frist Art Museum free to college students on Thurs. and Fridays and only $9 dollars with Student I.D.
Maggiano’s Maggiano’s Meal for 2: Any starter, or side salad, 2 classic pastas, one dessert, and 2 pastas to take home—ONLY 43.95 (make a reservation early!)


California Pizza Kitchen One appetizer, two entrees, and one dessert for $35. also has lists of discounts on shows, special events, couples activities and restaurants in Nashville.

After a nice evening, be sure to watch the sunset to end the night. Sweeney said that the sunset is beautiful at Natchez Trace Bridge and at Love Circle near downtown Nashville. 

Winchester suggests packing a travel mug of hot cocoa and watching the sunset from the top floor of the St. Thomas parking garage.

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