Tuesday, October 3

Spiritual Deepening Week


By: Blake Stewart

Spiritual Deepening week begins Monday and will continue through Thursday. Special speakers, daily devotionals, and prayer meetings are just a few of the things students can expect.

Deirdre Brower Latz, the principal and senior lecturer in pastoral and social theology at Nazarene Theological College, is the featured speaker and will hold conversations involving this year’s chapel theme “I am”.

One of the main reasons that Latz was chosen to speak wasn’t for her academics, but for her character.

“Deirdre is a person of tremendous depth and a person who reminds me a lot of Jesus. If leaders ought to be people that we want to emulate, I want people to emulate Deirdre,” said Shawna Songer-Gaines, university chaplain and assistant professor of Christian worship.

Services will continue the ongoing chapel theme of “I am”. This theme was chosen because it causes students to think about their own identity and also about the identity of God in Christ.

“God has always been trying to tell us more about who God is. From Exodus through John’s gospel, all of these statements are about God’s self-revelations to us. Perhaps we can find out more about our identity the more we learn about God’s identity,” said Songer-Gaines.

Spiritual Deepening week is a time set aside to strengthen our relationship with God and remember all that God has done.

“We mark this time out in such a way that we see and remember that God is working here,” said Songer-Gaines.

Professors are encouraged not to schedule tests or large assignments throughout Spiritual Deepening week in order to give students the freedom to attend services and spend time with God.

“We ask faculty not to have large tests during Spiritual Deepening week. We ask them not to make big papers due. Because we really do hope that the rhythm of campus life shifts towards worship,” said Songer-Gaines.

This isn’t the only reason that students look forward to Spiritual Deepening week. The week has a large impact on student’s lives.

“This week is a time that the campus can draw closer as a community as people seek a deeper relationship with God as well as with one another,” said senior Maddie Clark.

Spiritual deepening week has had such a profound effect on Trevecca that its very culture has been formed by it.

“It’s obvious that spiritual deepening week is loved by a lot of students. When it comes around you see a lot more people taking the time to get up and go to chapel. The week can be very memorable,” said senior Annie Thweatt.


2/6 Spiritual Deepening Week Boone, 9:30 a.m.
2/6 Spiritual Deepening Week Boone, 6 p.m.
2/6 Prayer Benson Auditorium, Following Evening Service
2/7 Spiritual Deepening Week Boone, 9:30 a.m.
2/7 Spiritual Deepening Week Boone, 6 p.m.
2/7 Prayer Benson Auditorium, Following Evening Service
2/8 Spiritual Deepening Week Boone, 9:30 a.m.





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