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Trevecca Student releases single

Auburn photo

By: Princess Jones

Raquel Rivas remembers vividly the details of the day she found out about her best friend Auburn McCormick album audition.

“I do remember very clearly, I helped her pick out an outfit and shoes for it. She was really nervous, but I knew she had it in her to make them fall in love with her and her music. I remember telling her as she walked out the door, “You’re gonna make it, and they’re going to see the you I get to see and they’re going to love you,” said Rivas.

That audition would land one of McCormick songs on a new album created by David Webb to help singers get exposure in the music industry. McCormick’s single “No Streetlights” was chosen for the album.  This is the first Nashville Dreamin album to be released.

‘No Streetlights” tells a story that McCormick, a senior at Trevecca knows all too well.

“It is about growing up in a small town and how it could never compare to the city life,” said McCormick.

Confidence is what Webb looked for when choosing the eleven artists for the album. McCormick didn’t lack an ounce of confidence.

“She was confident, she had a good story. She’s passionate about her music and she’s a darn good singer. And she’s a bit sassy which I like,” said Webb.

Being chosen for the album brought McCormick joy.

“The most exciting thing was just knowing that my song got chosen out of hundreds of different songs,” said McCormick.

Even with confidence McCormick still was uncertain in her music at times

“Of course, I doubted myself. I still doubt myself sometimes. I doubted that my song was good enough, I doubted that I was good enough. All artist doubt themselves, but the important thing for me to remember is to not compare myself and to just focus on my craft and how much I love creating music,” said McCormick.

Webb believes that McCormick has characteristics of star material.

“She’s confident, she’s got a great singing voice, she’s passionate, she’s willing to work very very hard,” said Webb.

To people that already know McCormick, she’s already a star.

“I think Auburn is a star because when she gets up on stage and sings the songs she has written it’s like truly watching a performance/show. She belongs up on the stage,” said Rivas.

McCormick is still the same down to earth girl, no matter how talented she is.

“Humble. She’s super humble about her artistry and her music, and most people don’t know how great of an artist she is until they listen to her live for the first time,” said Rivas.

Since the album, McCormick has enjoyed the thought of her music reaching people all around the world.

“Since the album came out, I’ve learned that my music can reach all places and all ages. I have had people from across the world to right here in Nashville from 80-years-old to 3- years- old jamming to my song. I have had such amazing support from everyone so far, said McCormick.

Webb hopes that this opportunity sets McCormick on her way towards a music career.

A simple encouragement is all McCormick wants from this opportunity.

“I hope encouragement for me to continue my music will come from this. Whether it comes from something as simple as more fans or something as big as a record deal, I hope this is just one step in the right direction,” said McCormick.

McCormick will play her single with the other artist at Opry Mills on Jan. 21  between 4pm and 6pm.









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