Thursday, September 21

SGA voting continues through Friday

By: Princess Jones

Fourteen Freshmen have thrown their hats in the ring for a position on the Trevecca student government.

“We have a larger class of freshman and this generation is a generation that wants to get involved and make a change,” said Matthew Spraker, associate dean of students for community life. “They’ve shown that from orientation on; they have really been involved on the campus. They have shown their desire to take on leadership and to have a hand in what happens on campus.”

All freshman SGA offices are open and a few other class positions are available in the annual election process. The positions are opened due to unfulfillment in the spring or students stepping down from their positions.

Each year classes elect representatives to serve on the student government, a body of students who plan events and represent students on campus.

Spraker said the group running for freshman offices show a lot of enthusiasm and excitement which will help them lead a larger and more diverse student body.

Students can vote Thursday through Friday at the SGA booth in Jernigan.

The candidates are:

Freshman Class President Candidates 

  1. Mason Mitchell Freshman
  2. Lily Moll
  3. Anthony McClymont
  4. Jorden Tyska
  5. Emmalee Gilliam
  6. Matthew Parris

Freshman Class Vice President Candidates 

  1. Marian Chaves
  2. Ciara Hunter
  3. Audrey Yawn

Freshman Class Representative Candidates 

  1. Autumn Boots
  2. Melinda McDowell
  3. Jacinda Johnson

Freshman Class Chaplain Candidates 

  1. Joshua Connerty
  2. Christian Williams

Sophomore Class President Candidates 

  1. Rachel Humphrey
  2. Luis Fernando Ortiz Hernandez
  3. Emma Schmahl

Sophomore Class Representative Candidates 

  1. Carlie Ray

Junior Class Vice President Candidates 

  1. Ivan Palomares-Gonzalez

Junior Class Representative Candidates 

  1. David Schaffer
  2. Abigail Dunham
  3. Narada Somboon
  4. Katherine Large





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