Thursday, September 21

Job Fair this Friday

By Princess Jones

Students will have an opportunity to secure summer jobs and internships with the upcoming Job Fair this week.

The on-campus Job Fair, scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. through 12 p.m. is happening in TSAC on April 7, will provide students a chance to meet with on and off campus employers for jobs and internships.


“This Job Fair is for students who want to work while they’re in college. The Job Fair is designed for students of all grade levels to find employment, not just juniors and seniors” said Ryan Jolley, coordinator of student employment and IWork program.

This event happens late in the school year to help both the employers and the students.

“This one happens late because employers are looking to recruit for summer. We try to land the fair at the end of the semester because it is preparatory for the summer,” said Jolley.

The fair has a variety of employment opportunity’s because its focus is to serve not just students but companies that are here to recruit.

“The goal is to connect students to those opportunities. In my experience there hasn’t been enough employers to do a separate full time, part-time, and internship fair. Therefore, we have combined all of those together. It’s a bigger bang for everybody’s bucks for the recruiters and the students,” said Nichole Hubbs, coordinator of career services.

The convenience of this particular fair is appreciated by some students.

“The best part about the job fair is that it’s right-on campus, I mean you don’t have to drive anywhere or do anything you just have to walk over to TSAC and its right there. The fact that they have off and on campus plus internship right there in the job fair, it shows that they are trying really hard to help their students, and I really like that,” said Eugenia Shirley Antley, sophomore at Trevecca.

Even though the job fair is mostly for summer jobs a student can still secure a job for the next fall semester.

“If they interview well I think the chances are pretty high for securing a job in the fall. If a student truly wants a position in town somewhere there are plenty of options for that. There are more jobs in Nashville than I think students know about,” said Hubbs.

Students who aren’t looking for jobs in the summer are still encouraged to attend the fair because it’s a starting point for building connections.

“It’s important for student to show up and participate, even if you’re not looking for a summer job. It’s good just to come and network with the employers because your building their confidence in the student body as people who make great first choices for their workforce,” said Jolley. ”We want to advocate for students to the employers, you all are the prize to hire. We want to make sure it’s worth their time to be here. So, we want our students to turn out for the event as well.”



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