Freshman starts workout class open to everyone

By Blake Stewart

When Peyton Williams got to college, she realized how hard it can be to find time to exercise.  Her solution? She started a Tabata class that meets weekly on campus.

“When I started my health and wellness class at Trevecca, I realized how hard it was to work-out during college,” she said. “I asked the girls on my floor in the dorms if they worked out, they all said ‘no’ because of their phobias of the gym. I wanted to start an exercise group that was judgement free.”


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Freshman Laura Lovett has been in the class since it started and hasn’t missed a single session. Lovett says she enjoys the classes because it allows her to hang-out with friends while getting to exercise.

“I like the class because its working out without the intimidation of going to a gym by yourself,” said Lovett

Tabata was created by Japanese scientist Izumi Tabata.

The workouts consist of 8 cycles. In each cycle, participant’s workout for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds.  Each cycle lasts 4 minutes.

Williams’ Tabata fitness class is the only consistent workout class on campus. There are fitness classes on campus, but none that meet every week or every month.

Freshman Rachel Humphrey is another consistent member of the Monday night Tabata class.

She said, “It keeps me in a gym and staying active.” I get to do it with my friends, so it’s a good stress relief.


Williams learned about Tabata through her father, who is a former body builder and personal trainer.

“I was excited to bring this class to Trevecca,” said Williams. “Fitness has always been a part of my life.”

The classes are held in the racquetball rooms every Monday night at 8, unless they are in use or under construction.

“I wanted to have the classes on Monday because it motivates me to start the week off with a healthy mindset and it encourages my friends to do the same.”

According to Williams, the weekly average for the class is between 10-12 people. The most to attend so far is 15.

Williams reserves TSAC every week in case the rooms are unavailable.

All that you need for the class is water and a yoga mat, which is provided by the gym. The class is open to anyone that wishes to participate.

“The Tabata workout class is a great way to start the week off in a positive way,” said Williams.

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