How to make the most of the Career Fair

By Princess Jones
Students who are planning to attend the career fair on Thursday might be overwhelmed or have many questions about how to act when they get there.
Nichole Hubbs, coordinator of career services, said there are some simple things to do to prepare to make the best impression.
“A student can plan to dress nicely, update their resume and they can do research to see what companies will be available at the fair,” said Hubbs.
The Career Fair, scheduled for tomorrow at Nissan Stadium, will include 69 business and 11 colleges and universities. School districts from Middle Tennessee and other states will be present at the fair as well. 

The idea is to bring leading businesses in Middle Tennessee in contact with area college students in one place at the same time. Students looking for internships or jobs can meet with hiring managers.
Hubbs emphasized the importance of students attending the Career Fair if they are looking for jobs or internships. 
“The career fair is two fairs in one. So it’s the teacher recruitment fair as well as the college career fair. So students looking for teaching positions should come and also students looking for business and companies should come. Students who are looking for full time jobs and internships should attend the fair,” said Hubbs. 
According to Hubbs and the websites and , the best ways to be prepared for a career fair include:


  • Bring multiple copies of your resume.  Not all companies will ask for it, but it’s good to have a copy for anyone who wants it.
  • Be on time. The fair starts at 2 p.m.  
  • Dress your best. Wear business casual clothing. Men should wear nice pants with a button up shirt or a sweater vest. Ladies can wear a nice pants suit or a business causal dress. 
  • Do your research. Students should research the companies that will be at the fair. This gives you time to figure out which companies you are interested in. It saves you time when you’re at the fair. Plus it makes you look more professional if you have done your research for a company. You can find this information at
  • Prioritize your time. Students should go to the booth of the companies that they desire to work with them most. Going to your most desired companies will give you plenty of time to spend with the company and build a connection. 
  • Follow-up with recruiters by emailing or call them. You should follow-up with employers about a day or two after the event. 



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