First Enneagram Workshop Offered this Month

By Blake Stewart

Trevecca students can attend an upcoming workshop to better understand what motivates their behavior.

Trevecca’s Social Work Club on Feb. 16 will be hosting its first Enneagram workshop to educate students on self-awareness.

The workshop will be led by Amanda Grieme Bradley, chair of social and behavioral sciences and assistant professor of psychology and Elizabeth Nunley, assistant professor of social work and director for field experience.


The Enneagram is used to understand basic personality types but goes much deeper than a Myers Briggs test. It’s a great tool for growth and transformation, said Nunley.

“It’s not about behavior, it’s about what motivates your behavior,” said Nunley.

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that is constructed of nine different types. It is believed that every person is one single type, but at the same time exemplifies how God uniquely created humans, said Bradley.

“It offers really good insight into our personality. By having more self-awareness of who we are allows us to be healthier in our relationships,” said Bradley.

The system of the Enneagram is complex. The best way to learn is through someone who has a deep understanding, said Nunley.

The workshop will be introductory and will cover only the basics. Students do not need to know their type to attend the workshop. It will be fun, engaging, and taught through interactive experiential learning. The point of the workshop is to highlight each type without the overwhelming feel from a google search and narrow everything down, Nunley.

“We want the students to leave with a better understanding of themselves and others and leave them intrigued wanting to dig deeper into the Enneagram,” she said.

Nunley also hopes to have a follow-up workshop that will focus more on the different types and dive deeper into the Enneagram.



When: Thursday, Feb. 16 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Where: TSAC

To register: email

Cost: $10 with TNU ID. Cash Only

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