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Jason Sivewright to speak at spring Spiritual Deepening Week

By Hannah Pollok

Children’s book author, poet, musician, and public speaker Jason Sivewright will be the speaker for the spring semester Spiritual Deepening Week.

The week for spiritual renewal is scheduled for Jan. 31 – Feb. 2 with regular Tuesday and Thursday morning chapels and evening services Monday through Thursday.

Sivewright, owner of Sweet Boy Books, a Kansas City based company that produces children’s books, plans to bring a message about the importance of arts in spirituality to Trevecca students this week.


“My mother was an art teacher, so from birth the importance of the arts was always instilled in my brother and I,” Sivewright said.  “My biggest gifts have always been in specific kinds of writing—poems, short simple stories.”

Sivewright lives in Kansas City with his wife Jillian, a modern ballet dancer, and son Isaiah. He and his wife own the limited liability company Sweet Boy Books.

“I’ve been involved in a lot of creative projects in my life but Sweet Boy Books, or at least the dream of it, is probably the purest expression of what God wants to do through me. It’s all about the imagination of a child. We create art for the purpose of building a greater sense of identity, greater self-esteem and the courage to imagine a sweeter world,” said Sivewright.

Another project of Sivewright’s includes a liturgical experience he recorded with a group of artists called The Loving Kind. The album, “Scriptures, Songs, Spoken Word,” is available on Spotify or iTunes. Sivewright served as creative director for this project.

“After the passing of my mother, I experienced kind of a creative reawakening, or maybe more of a creative explosion. I’m sure that’s pretty common with grief. A part of that was a season of song writing … The purpose was just to be responsible with the artistic expression that God had given us, making it the best it could possibly be,” said Sivewright.

University chaplain Shawna Songer Gaines has been friends with Sivewright for several years.

“His perspective on scripture and the voice of God in our world is unique and prophetic. He has the eye of an artist and the heart of a prophet. I knew that he would be able to see something in the chapel theme, ‘This is My Body,’ that I couldn’t see,” said Gaines.

It has been four years since Sivewright’s mother passed, and he says he is still being formed by it. He plans to talk about it during the week.

“What I’ll be talking about are the things that I lost in that moment and the things that we can lose along the journey and how to recapture them by orienting them around Christ. These things are hope, faith, joy, love, and peace,” said Sivewright.

In addition to regular services there will be a prayer wall, a prayer room hosted by student chaplains and a Soma night of worship and testimonies during Spiritual Deepening week.

If you Go:

Soma is 2/1 in TSAC from 9-10 (Night of Testimony)

Prayer Room is in Boone 107 and will be open all day Wednesday and Thursday morning.

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