Tuesday, October 3

Resume Workshop Now Offered for Students Interested in Being an RA

By Princess Jones

For the first time at Trevecca, an RA Resume Workshop will be offered to student applying to be resident assistants and any other students who are interested.

RA candidates will meet with Nichole Hubbs to get tips and advice on how to create an effective resume.

Before this year, RA candidates weren’t required to have a resume to get the position.

However, this year it has changed. RD’s are requiring the RAs to have a resume.

“This is the first time that the RD’s wanted a resume to be part of the application process. So they asked me to give students some advice before they turned their application in,” said Hubbs, Coordinator of Career Services.


In the workshop, Hubbs will show beginners how to start a resume. She will give tips on what to include, how to format the resume and how to update a resume. The workshop will help student in any stage of the resume process.

“The goal would be for students to come away with just some tangible actions steps to making a simple first resume, if they haven’t made one before and if they have made one just walk away with knowledge on how to update that,” said Hubbs

The RA’s Resume Workshop isn’t just for RA applicants. Any Trevecca student hoping to get help with making a resume can attend.


Abby Duren, a junior at Trevecca and current RA, thinks that it’s a good Idea to have an RA Resume Workshop.

“Having a resume for an RA position will give the applicants better practice for their career. A resume prepares you for going out and getting new jobs, and because you’ve already done it for an RA a person will already know how to do a resume,” said Duren.

Hubbs said getting a resume together nowis important for students.

“Resume are crucial because it is your first impression to an employer, it is how they meet you. Yes they will check your social media sites of course, but the resume is the first formal introduction you have to the employer and so you have to make a great first impression,” she said.

Upperclassmen know the importance of having a good resume for future employers to see.

“Learning how to find the relevant information they want is important. If you’re going to have a general resume then you’re probably going to get a general interview, you’re not going to be special. So having a great resume will get you a better interview,” said David Schaffer, a sophomore at Trevecca.

Hubbs said many students can benefit from the training.

“If they’ve been thinking about making a resume they should come. If they think they need to update it and apply for internship they should come. If their looking for jobs and need to upload a resume and to apply they should definitely come and to get some helpful tips!” said Hubbs.



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