“House Cup” Tonight

By Brooklyn Dance

At 7 p.m. tonight in CLCS, around 100 students are expected to show up, dressed up as Harry Potter characters for a Harry Potter themed “House Cup.”  Inspired by the release of the new movie, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” the event hosted by 1901 will have trivia, a costume contest, a photo booth and lots of Butter Beer.


Logan Rogers, a senior communications major and 1901 employee, wanted to create a fun event for Harry Potter fans in the Trevecca community.


“We wanted to make sure it was available for all students, whether you are an athlete, a commuter or live on campus,” Rodgers said.  “It’s an event that can bring everyone together and express their nerdiness.”

In preparation for the event, Rodgers and freshman Jonathan Cabello wanted to concoct a version of Butter Beer to make and sell in 1901.  They began testing different attempts, and would take samples to faculty and students for feedback.  Through trial and error, the perfect secret recipe was created.


Rodgers said the Butter Beer has had incredible feedback across campus.


“I come in periodically every day [to 1901] and ask how many Butter Beers are sold.  There has been an enormous response,” Rodgers said.  “People just seem to love the idea of getting excited for something fictional.”


Though the Butter Beer was originally intended to be a one-week drink, Rodgers said 1901 may continue serving it due to the high demand.


Rodgers is excited to see the turnout of tonight’s event after much preparation.  He and other students have hand-made all the decorations, and Rodgers has gone out and collected prizes for the contests.


“Regal Cinemas donated two tickets to see the new movie as a prize, and I also got some Harry Potter-themed coffee mugs to give away too,” Rodgers said.


1901 is looking forward to see how the first themed party goes too.


“Having this event is really a stepping stone for 1901 to make more events in the future,” Rodgers said.  “If there is a positive outcome, we could start planning more events, like one for “Star Wars” or “The Hunger Games”.”


“I’m excited to see the outcome after all of our hard work,” Rodgers said.




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