Homecoming to Focus on Trevecca Stories

By Sidney Wiseman

For Trevecca alumni, homecoming serves a special purpose—coming home to the hill. But for current students, it can be just as impactful.

“I encourage students to go out and attend as many events as possible. I’m a big believer that the more connected you are to the life of the campus and the more connected you are to each other, the more meaningful all the experiences of college end up being,” said Michael Johnson, director of alumni and church engagement.

For the last several years, homecoming has been referred to as “Homecoming on the Hill,” but Johnson said this year, a more specific theme emerged after he attended a conference. This year, homecoming will focus on how Trevecca makes great stories possible and instilling purple pride in all attendees.

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“I went to a conference in Orlando about four weeks after homecoming last year that was specifically on improving homecoming and reunion programming. We’re going to be providing funding for students this year on campus some funding to decorate the campus in purple and white,” said Johnson. “

The parade floats will center on the theme of “Once Upon A Hill,” which ties into the theme of Trevecca making great stories possible. These floats can include anything from personal Trevecca stories to fairytales.

“The theme is recognizing that Trevecca helps makes great stories possible and allows students at homecoming to celebrate that,” said Johnson.

The other theme of making great stories happen focuses on the alumni and their contributions.

“Alumni are what continue to make Trevecca great. We want to let alumni know coming back to campus what great stories they allow to happen through their donations and cooperation,” said Laura Beth Winchester, senior communication studies major and All Student Body social life coordinator.  

Jeff Swink, alumni and coordinator of assessment and retention for leadership, calling and service, sees homecoming as something much bigger than just a weekend of events.

“The whole thing about coming back to campus and seeing friends, the idea is wonderful. People can’t wait to be a part of the celebration,” said Swink.

Johnson agrees.

“I think it’s important for current students is it’s a really good way to identify with the history of the institution, and not just in terms of buildings and classes and things you would typically associate with college life, but more importantly to recognize that you’re building now your relationships with each other that will be so meaningful to you in the years to come. Perhaps you’re scattered out around the country—homecoming serves as a good way to reconnect. It allows for great displays of school spirit.

Johnson also agrees and believes homecoming has something that everyone can enjoy and take part in.

Trevecca’s 2016 Homecoming celebration will begin November 4–5.

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