Monday, October 2

Trevecca Students Play Popular Nashville Music Venue

By Antonio Guerrero

A Trevecca band played its second show ever at a storied Nashville venue just a week after their debut at a Hub Show on campus.

“This is our first actual performance at a venue but only our second performance as a band”, said TJ Magee, vocalist and founder of the all-Trevecca student band, Eustace.

Formed this fall, the band is made up of five Trevecca students who decided to start a band after leading worship together at Cornerstone Church in Ala.

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They describe themselves as indie-emo.

“A theme we have already is finding hope in the darkness,” said Jordan Henderson, guitarist for the band.

Though Eustace does not consider themselves to be a Christian band, Henderson does claim their music will have a Christian emphasis.

Eustace is a joint project of three friends who realize that we are all the realistic embodiment of Eustace Scrubb. We are all greedy. We are all self-seeking. We are all distracted by the seemingly shiny things around us. We all fail. And we are all human. Our hearts lead us into dangerous lairs + and turn us into monsters. But there is a way to be saved,” the band wrote on their Facebook page. “Our music exists to remind you that you are not alone. We all walk through similar situations and we all feel the same things. And together, we search for the place where we are set free from the monsters we have become.”

The group decided to debut a few songs at a Hub Show, an event designed to give Trevecca students a chance to play in front of an audience.

They never expected to find themselves just a week later at The End, a venue in downtown Nashville that has hosted artists such as White Stripes, REM and The Black Crows.

After persistent emailing, the venue owner, Bruce Fitzpatrick, eventually responded allowing the band to perform at The End.

Eustace had their first performance as a band at The End with The Lonely Corners and Zeke who is also composed of current and former Trevecca students.

“The End is a place where people come and listen to local bands. Sometimes there will be 100 people crammed into this small place and other times it can be just 10 people but the atmosphere stays the same,” said Joe Gosnell, a sound engineer at The End.

The band describes their experience at The End as a successful performance while having a larger fanbase than they had originally anticipated. Eustace is quickly building momentum as they search to establish connections with other bands, while also seeking to reaching out for a larger fan base. Eustace will be performing again coming up on Oct. 20 at the United Nashville.

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