Thursday, September 28

Benson Hall’s Haunted House is Tonight

By Anali Frias


Benson Hall’s annual haunted house is tonight, October 29 at 8 p.m.  More than 50 volunteers help plan and prepare the event that roughly 250 students attend each year.

This year, each floor has a new theme.  The fourth floor is inspired by Netflix’s original series Stranger Things, said Zach Church, Benson Hall RD.  The second floor will have a creepy take on Trevecca’s history, and the first floor’s intended theme of clowns is still up for debate.


“It might be smart to just avoid doing clowns,” said Church.  “But I’m waiting until I hear someone specific say ‘You can’t do clowns’.”


Jeffrey Carr, sophomore RHA chaplain, participated in last year’s haunted house as a lead role.


“Last year, our floor was the joker’s funhouse.  I was the joker, it was a blast,” said Carr.  “It turned out much better than I expected, I didn’t have a voice the next night.”

Church recommends people who get frightened easily to not come, but suggests for those who don’t that it will be good for you.
“When you get scared your body goes into the fight or flight response. It releases all of these chemicals in your brain that are associated with dopamine and adrenaline and so that’s why at the end of a haunted house people are always like giddy and laughing a whole lot cause their brain is releasing all these chemicals” said Church.
“People just loved the haunted house and had a lot of fun and still will come back and help out.  Last year one of the floor’s was zombie themed and so we had a lot of girl volunteers who came and learned how to make zombie makeup” said Church.
There are rules to follow when it comes to volunteering for the haunted house.
“Some guys can get out of hand. We don’t allow anything that’s demonic-related or anything that has to do with suicide just because there’s certain lines we don’t want to cross. We want to respect the fact that there are a lot of people that don’t like Halloween” said Church.



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