Monday, October 2

SGA continues to #KeepTreveccaBeautiful

By Rebekah Warren

Following the success of last year’s #KeepTreveccaBeautiful campaign, SGA is hoping to encourage students to care for the environment by continuing the campaign.

“At the beginning of the year SGA gets together and comes up with a strategic plan for different things we want to accomplish during the year,” said Taylor Wise, junior class vice president. “Keep Trevecca Beautiful was one of them because it got such a good response last year.”

Last year, #KeepTreveccaBeautiful was trending on campus as students posted pictures of themselves caring for the environment on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

“The ideal post would be talking about or showing beautification of Trevecca’s campus, such as recycling or picking up trash,” said Jen Kingery, an SGA senior representative. “It was an awareness campaign with the goal being to draw students’ attention to the fact that we have a beautiful campus and should strive to keep it that way.”

The upcoming plans for the campaign include celebrations of the outdoors, with the intention of inspiring a love of nature.

“We’re planning an Eno party—the idea behind that is promoting going outdoors and an appreciation of being outside,” said Wise. “So they’re going to have coffee and hot chocolate and people will bring out their Enos.”

The campaign is also working to change the culture on campus and make Trevecca more environmentally friendly by modifying the products used by the university. SGA intends to switch the cups in The Hub from Styrofoam to paper, which is better for the environment, said Wise.

They also hope to make the Trevecca Towers residents a part of the environmental effort.

“People in the towers have been saying a lot about the air quality,” said Wise. “We’re trying to get a bunch of plants to put in there to get some more oxygen and better air flow for them.”

Ultimately, SGA hopes that the movement will change the culture of Trevecca to be more appreciative of the campus and better stewards of environmental resources.

“It’s become another hash tag that we say out loud randomly when we see things or do things that deal with making our campus look a certain way,” said Kingery. “It’s something that has slowly just become part of Trevecca culture. I would like to hope that people remember it and strive to continue being more environmentally minded.”

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