Student work program to expand next year


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By Ashley Walling

Student workers at Trevecca next year are getting a big raise and the possibility of an off-campus job.

Trevecca administrators approved a 17.25 percent pay increase for all iWork students next year.

iWork, which was launched last fall, was designed to be a way for students to earn money and to fund their tuition.

Around 45 students participated this year and earned more than $115,000.  Of that amount earned, students opted to pay $104,000 to their student accounts instead of taking out more loans.

Next year, in addition to a wage increase, students will also have the chance to work for off-campus employers.

“We are hoping students will take the initiative to make more money. Another change next year will be with our new off campus partners,” said Ryan Jolley, director of the office of student employment.

As well as providing on campus jobs, the iWork program will include partnerships with off-campus employers including; Sunglass Hut, Enterprise Holdings, Parking Management Company (PMC), Holiday Inn, All About Care and Sitting Made Simple.

All student employment will be under the umbrella of iWork next year.

“This is not additional revenue to the University. The benefit is to the student,” said Tom Middendorf, associate vice president for academic services.

Jolley said an end-of-year survey of student workers indicate students are happy with the program.  Some of the survey results include:

  • 63 percent said iWork was a significant factor in their decision to stay at Trevecca.
  • 80 percent said they would recommend the program to their peers
  • 78 percent of iWork students said they see themselves as more employable because of job experience and participation in professional development workshops.
In addition to surveying students, iWork requires supervisors to give student employees an evaluation that would be similar to something they’d experience at a non-campus job.
“The program gives students the opportunity to practice at being employable, while also being evaluated in a real job,” said Middendorf.Students can choose to use their wages how they wish, though they have the opportunity to decrease loan amounts by setting a portion of their income to go to their tuition bill.All students are allowed to apply to this program. A 2.0 GPA must be maintained while being available to work around 15 hours a week.Students who are interested in applying to the program may contact to discuss their needs, goals, and next steps for accomplishing their goals.


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