Tuesday, October 3

FOX 17’s Town Hall Meeting to be held in TSAC

by Brooklyn Dance

FOX17 is holding a town hall meeting at 6 p.m. tonight in Trevecca’s Tarter Student Activity Center.

The meeting will discuss Nashville’s future in relation to the city’s rapid growth and worsening traffic, moderated by FOX 17’s Scott Couch and ‘Traffic Jam’ Sam.

Officials from Nashville’s Metropolitan Transit Authority, (MTA) Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), Tennessee Department of Transportation, (TDOT) the Metro Nashville Transportation director and Metro Planing Organization (MPO) will discuss ideas to alleviate the traffic congestion.

Trevecca has been hosting town hall meetings for two years now.

Matt Toy, director of marketing and communications, said that FOX originally reached out to Trevecca, looking for a good venue close to Nashville.

“FOX really loves TSAC,” Toy said,  “It’s a room you can do a lot with.  It’s easy to get to, [it has] easy parking, they love the set up.”

Toy said Trevecca appreciates hosting the town hall meetings because it is great exposure for the school, and it really gets people on campus.

To read FOX’s story on tonight’s event click here.


WHO: FOX 17 News

WHAT: STEER CLEAR Town hall meeting

WHEN: Tonight, March 30th, 6 p.m.


WHY: discussing traffic and Nashville’s growth


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