Thursday, September 28

School of Music and Worship Arts to open this fall

 By Anali Frias
Only part of the new School of Music and Worship Arts building will be open to students this fall.
The entire building won’t be ready for occupation, according to David Caldwell, executive vice president for finance and administration. 
The Board of Trustees on Nov. 6 approved Univeristy President Dan Boone’s recommendation to create the School of Music and Worship Arts..
 The restructuring of the music department is almost complete.
Trevecca in December purchased the 4.8 acre Volunteer Trucking property behind Tennessee Hall for around $1.5 million. The existing building on the property will undergo renovations this spring in order to house music majors, worship arts majors and students of the National Praise and Worship Institute. Music majors make up about 15 percent of Trevecca’s student population. NPWI and worship arts majors account for another 4 percent of the undergrad population.

“I’m excited for the NPWI because they’ll finally have a home,” said David Diehl, who will serve as dean of the School of Music and Worship Arts.
The School of Music and Worship Arts will provide the music educators and musicians new rehearsal, instructional and performance spaces, as well as a new black box theatre with state of the art sound and lighting technology.
“There is a phase two which is the black box, which will probably be another year down the road,” said Diehl. “We’re going to use it for a lot of different purposes–our whole idea of designing it was flexibility.”
The biggest benefit will be to current and future students giving them a space built specifically for music activities. It will help the students and the university in their educational experiences and draw more students and donations.
“Currently we’re using a space that wasn’t initially designed for that. Wakefield space isn’t designed for music activity. It’s not sound proof, it’s not built acoustically,” said Diehl.
The new building will have some large ensemble rooms, additional classrooms, and band practice rooms.
“I’m excited for professors because I think it’ll allow them to be in a better teaching environment, but again more appropriate instructional spaces for what they’re trying to do for their job,” Diehl said.
Practice rooms will be available for anyone. Jan. 1, 2017 is the anticipated day for the entire building to be in use.
“Hopefully everyone will have a chance to be a part of that building, either attending a performance or being part of an ensemble,” said Diehl.” 






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