Thursday, September 28

Campus snowball fight makes news

Campus snowball fight in the quad
Campus snowball fight in the quad

by Olivia Kelley

A campus-wide snowball fight made the headlines this afternoon.

At 1 p.m. today, more than 200 students gathered in the quad for a campus snowball fight and a clip of it was played on The Weather Channel.

Classes were cancelled for the day because of the several inches of snowfall and Kaylon King, all student body social life coordinator, planned this event for students to get out of their dorms and enjoy the winter weather.

“The snowball fight was so much fun,” said social life committee member Samantha Newman. “I was so happy and proud that the majority of the school showed up for it. It was so spontaneous and unplanned, but turned out to be so fun.”

The event lasted for a little more than an hour before the cold drove the students back to their dorms and apartments.

“It was definitely one of the highlights of this year for me,” said Newman.

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