Trojan Idol starts tonight

12294634_522263851269184_1389129779635187025_nby Olivia Kelley

Trojan Idol is kicking off tonight in Boone Convocation Center at 8 pm.

Trojan Idol, Trevecca’s annual student singing competition, will be going on this week. The show typically consists of 10 students who auditioned and were chosen to compete. Students and judges get to vote on their favorites to pick a winner.

This year, there will be two sets of judges — a different set each night and will include Unspoken drummer Ariel Munoz along with several Trevecca alumni and music teacher, Abby Burke. Hosting the event will be senior music major, Caleb Willis, and senior exercise science major, Chris Elliot.

“We are expecting about 400 people for each night,” said ASB Social life director Kaylon King.

There will only be nine contestants on the first night this year, as one contestant has dropped out. Students will have an opportunity to pick the top three contestants they want to move on to the second round while judges will pick their top two, eliminating the bottom four.

“The judges picking two contestants kind of evens out the playing field so it’s not all a popularity contest,” said King.

King also said there will be a difference in this year’s contestants from previous years, so to watch out for the surprise.

The band has been prepping for this event for the past three weeks, and have had two rehearsals with the contestants.

“We had to have all of our songs picked out at the callbacks so the band could start preparing right away,” said sophomore contestant, Lucas Hobbs. “The event is going to be really good because the band is so amazing.”

The event will cost $5, but is free to anyone with a slap card. Doors open at 8 pm. The event will also be live streamed for those who can’t make it in person.

The top 9 contestants are:
Lucas Hobbs
Laura Adkins
Chris Wright
Auburn Marie Mccormick
Payton Williams
Lauren Riendeau
Aaron Burnett
Noel Wright
Shalen Eggleston

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