Monday, October 2

No arrest made yet in on-campus robbery

by Olivia Kelley

An arrest has yet to be made since a Trevecca student was robbed Friday night on campus.

At 9:35 pm on Friday two Trevecca students were walking past the Trevecca Healthcare Building to the Boone Business Building when they were followed by three males and one female.

At the driveway of the health center one of the suspects grabbed one of the student’s purse in an attempt to steal it. The student held on to the purse, while the other suspects came to help the one trying to steal it. One of the suspects reportedly put his hands around the student’s throat while she and the other girl screamed for help, according to an incident report from Metro Police.

The strap on the purse broke and the suspects ran off with it.

Suspects were seen getting into a navy blue Chevy Impala, according to a campus-wide email from Greg Dawson, Captain of University Security.

“We haven’t had something like that happen in a very long time,” said Norman Robinson, director of university security.
“As seen in the Annual Security Report, this type of incident is rare on Trevecca’s campus and we are diligently working with the Metro Police Department,” states the email. “We have requested increased patrols and TNU Security will have an increased presence in the area to deter crime and promote safety and security.”

Trevecca security officials are requesting that anyone with information about the incident please contact Robinson or Dawon at 615-642-3523.

“Be aware of your surroundings and if you see something suspicious, report it to TNU Security,” states the email. “As always, TNU Security will escort anyone on campus to their residence hall, vehicle, classroom, etc. Just call Security and we will make sure you arrive at your destination safely.”

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