Thursday, September 21

Benson Brotherhood competition sparks school spirit among Trevecca guys


by Kip Kenerly

Pictures of guys painted purple and white or hanging out in hammocks in odd places and showing their best school spirit are all over social media thanks to a new competition in Benson Hall.

The coveted Benson Cup will be awarded at the end of the semester to the floor who has the most points from attending Trevecca’s social and athletic events and posting on social media using the hashtag #bensonbrotherhood.


Here’s how it works: Each resident can earn one point for attending an event like a soccer game or a Hub show. T
he coaches of each athletic team also chose certain games that are worth double points. Additionally, they can earn 10 bonus points if their post on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook is selected by Zack Church, the residential director of Benson Hall.The competition is the brain child of John Sanborn, who wanted to find a way to encourage freshmen and sophomore males to participate more fully in campus life.

Around 230 guys live in Benson and the residential staff wants them to feel connected on campus.

“This is something to make sure the guys of Benson are staying tied into campus culture,” said Church

Many residents are participating in the competition and try to go to most of the events in order to score points for their floor.

“I go to all the events and my floor is definitely going to win,” said Khalil Poore, a first floor resident in Benson.

The residential staff is excited to see freshmen and sophomore guys more involved and participating in more events on campus. “We wanted to have a way to make sure the guys were getting plugged into campus life,” said Church.

The most popular events according to the records are athletic events such as home soccer and volleyball games.

The winning team will get a trophy put inside the Benson lobby for everybody to see.
“We’re still getting the details worked out, but I’d like to take the entire winning floor out for a steak dinner,” said Church.

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