Thursday, September 21

Campus coffee shop expanded and remodeled

New enclosed porch for Nineteen01
New enclosed porch for Nineteen|01

by Olivia Kelley

Trevecca officials spent around $3 million on campus updates and repairs over the summer, but perhaps the most noticeable to returning students is the renovated coffee shop.

Along with the updates, comes a new name as well.  The former Abba Java is now Nineteen|01 in reference to the year Trevecca was founded. The $100,000 project was paid for by a donor.
Plans are underway to open a second location in Waggoner library, though an opening date hasn’t been announced yet, said Matt Toy, director of marketing and communications. The addition of this second location cost about $60,ooo.

The CLCS location has taken on a more rustic feel and has expanded into the enclosed back porch. It features large family-style tables now in an effort to bring people together and encourage community.

“Coffee has brought people together for years now. That’s what we hope will happen here; is that people will be more integrated into community. If we can achieve that it will be a huge success,” said Toy.

This seems to be exactly what is happening, as traffic has increased quite a bit in Nineteen01 since the remodel.

“It’s been much busier,” said Ryan Jolley, Nineteen|01 coffee shop manager. “We need a second one to open very quickly to space it out.”

The new location in Waggoner will take on a different purpose, however. There will be a traditional espresso bar with artisan style gourmet coffee.

“It’s going to have the staples of a coffee shop, but will be more focused on the quality of the coffee,” said Toy.

Because of this, there will be no meal exchanges offered in the new location as it will be centered mainly on coffee. However, flex dollars can still be used to purchase drinks.

Abba Java and their motto, “Coffee with a Cause,” is not completely gone, though. Although the name has changed, the cause is not lost.

The cause had taken on a pluralistic meaning in more recent years, said Jolley. They partnered with local coffee shops, gave students jobs, and even allowed student to create their own TAG drinks. This way, if a student is trying to raise money to go on a TAG trip, they can create a drink for Nineteen01 to sell, and part of the profits go toward their account.

“Nineteen|01 continues those practices, but it’s not at the forefront of our identity anymore,” he said.


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