Thursday, September 28

More than 400 volunteers and campers expected on the farm this summer

urban farm1
Students at Middle School Farm Camp 2014

by Olivia Kelley

While most of the campus will be shutting down for the summer, the Trevecca Urban Farm will still be up and running all summer long.

The Farm usually is far from quiet during the summer months as more than 400 to 600 volunteers work.

“They come from all over,” said Environmental Projects Coordinator Jason Adkins. “Sometimes it’s larger groups like the quizzing groups or Mission Nashville. Other times they come from churches looking to help out.

There will also be several camps taking place on the urban farm as soon as the summer kicks off.

“The first camp is for high schoolers,” said Adkins. “And then at the end of their camp, we will hire 10 of those students to help teach the middle school camp and work on the farm.”

The camps started two years ago when the Urban Farm decided to partner with the Nashville Academy’s Agricultural department. They mostly take place in the mornings from 7 a.m. to noon and every day students will learn a new skill. By the end of the camp they will have completed some sort of farm project, such as building a garden or planting a tree, and be able to explain it’s importance.

The camps are not the only things happening on the Farm this summer. Adkins and his team are working on some grants that would allow them to expand and hire more workers. Adkins also intends to sell a lot of the baby goats this summer.

“Other than that, we will mostly be preparing for the fall,” said Adkins. “There will be some leap groups coming in to volunteer and we are planning on hosting another barn dance eventually next semester. We will definitely be keeping pretty busy though.”

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