Monday, October 2

Hand-made farm products available from Trevecca Urban Farm

by Montgomery Sparrow

Local hand-made farm products are becoming increasingly available from the Trevecca Urban Farm.

The farm, mostly used as a lab for teaching environmental justice and farming practices, is making and selling more products thanks to a new part-time farmhand.

Karen Shaw, a Trevecca alumni and part-time farm employee, has been working on products such as goat milk soap and beeswax salves.

The farm is selling herbs, plants, soaps, popcorn, eggs and salves to financially support the farm’s general activities.

“We send out a email every Tuesday to Staff and employees at Trevecca and anyone else that has asked to be on the list,” said Shaw.

The farm also plans to sell its products at the upcoming Urban Gardening Festival on May 16th. The festival is a free community festival held by the Master Gardeners of Davidson County.

The farm hopes to add more product to its line. Four new beehives will allow for the farm to begin selling honey in June, said Shaw.

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To learn more about Trevecca Urban Farm products, contact Jason Adkins at

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