Thursday, September 21

Don’t panic: End of year academic help available


By Joseph Hutton

The final countdown is on. With less than three weeks left of classes, students juggling papers, final exams and projects can get free help on campus.

The Center for Leadership Service and Calling offers test prep, writing, and tutoring. Tutoring’s main focus is to help those in gen ed classes.

To receive tutoring services, fill out a tutor request card located at the CLCS’ main desk. Students will then be given contact information about their assigned tutor. The student is responsible for contacting the tutor and scheduling an appointment.

Around 14 to 16 tutors work with students covering 15 different subjects. Writing tutors review papers for at all levels each semester.

The CLCS is open to all students who attend Trevecca. It is open every weekday. The preferred time to meet with a tutor is from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tutors can occasionally meet at other times upon requests.

Donna Gray, associate director of academic services, said the tutors’ goal is to see students succeed.

“Our approach is holistic,” said Gray. “We look at the whole student. So it’s not just that we’re looking at them academically. We want to help the student holistically, not in just one area.”

Last semester, the CLCS served approximately 150 undergrads and 50 graduate students for about 700 hours.

Emily Diehl, one of the writing tutors, helps students with academic papers. She is willing to participate in all stages of the writing process, not just the proofreading. Students are able to learn how to identify and fix problems on their own.

“We’re not here to proofread,” said Diehl. “We’re here to teach.”

On April 20, the CLCS will partner with Waggoner Library for the Long Night Against Procrastination. This event accommodates those who need to catch up on their work quickly within a short period of time.

Waggoner Library and the CLCS are currently planning an event together to help students get through finals week.

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