Thursday, September 28

TIA begins four sports next week

TIA Dodgeball

By Joseph Hutton

Starting next week, the Trevecca Intramural Association will begin offering four new sports.

Dodgeball, tennis and soccer will return to the list of spring intramural sports that Trevecca students, faculty and staff can join. Indoor volleyball will be a new sport this year for the TIA.

“For me, it’s good to get away,” said Kyle Kirby, director of the TIA. “It’s a weekly thing where you have games at least once or twice a week where you can get away from your homework and go somewhere else. Go out there and play, forget about everything, be with your friends.”

More than 350 individuals have played at least one intramural sport this academic year, Kirby said.

Sand volleyball has been played during the fall and it has been so popular that Kirby wanted students to continue playing volleyball in the spring indoors. Trevecca’s volleyball team will also help ref the games.

“I’ve been trying to integrate the athletes that play the sports,” said Kirby. “This allows the athletic department to integrate in with the students and build relationships. And plus, they play the sports so they know what they’re doing.”

Since sand volleyball is one of the most played sports within the TIA, Kirby is expecting indoor volleyball to have a huge turn out.

“Volleyball is one of the most laid back, most chill, most fun games,” said Kirby.

The TIA’s motto is Recreation, Relationship, Respect. It strives for a stress-free environment with the hopes of giving students and faculty alike the recreational experience of fun and supports health physically, mentally, and emotionally.

“It’s a great opportunity to be involved with the student body on a weekly basis. It’s not overly competitive. It’s a relaxed environment that’s meant to be fun,” said Tim Crummer, assistant director of the TIA. “Physical activity is a mental release. Kyle does his best to keep it a mellow atmosphere. It’s a great way to relieve stress.”

It’s never too late to sign up for a team. Students can either choose which team they wish to play with or they can be assigned to a team.

“You get to meet new people through sports and teams,” said Crummer. “You get to see peers joke around and have fun.”

Students don’t need any experience to play any intramural sports, Kirby added.

“You get to laugh. People dive and miss… You don’t have to be athletic, it’s just fun,” said Kirby.

For more information, go to the intramurals page to see the TIA handbook, schedules, and sign up form.

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