Trevecca’s ASB election voting opens today

By Jessy Anne Walters

This is the week to vote for SGA executive council members. Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 3.24.47 PM

There are three races taking place with a total of five positions open. ASB, the Associated Student Body, is the council of student officers who govern on behalf of the entire student body; they are the executive members of SGA (Student Government Association).

The positions open are: president, vice president, chaplain, social life director, and communications director.


The president’s responsibilities include hearing and seeing the concerns of the students, taking care of meetings, guiding SGA, and being executive council to the students and informing the students of government activities.

Sarah Hogan:

Previously Hogan has been the student body vice president. She says that her time on SGA has helped her learn and understand the relationship between SGA and the students, and if she were to obtain this position she make sure students feel as though SGA is representing them well.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.
Photo courtesy of Facebook.

“I care a lot and I feel like I could do a good job with things. I’ve learned a lot this year and having me in office would help make sure every one is informed of everything that’s happening on campus. I would also do my best to keep things organized and running smoothly,” said Hogan.

Michael Foster:

Foster has previously held the positions of the freshmen and sophomore class president in past years. Foster says that he wants this position because he wants to be able to encourage the students and help SGA grow and become even more community centered.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.
Photo courtesy of Facebook.

“If someone were to vote for me I would consider it an honor. I would take this [position] seriously and be very appreciative. I know how the people feel and I just want to continue to help them and be the guy they can trust,” said Foster.

Vice president:

The vice president is responsible for overseeing the budget, helping plan events, seeing and hearing the needs of students, and attending weekly meetings.

Julia Stewart:

In past years, Stewart has held the position of junior class vice president. Julia said that she thinks SGA can do even better as far as events and communication; she wants to show the school that there isn’t a separation between the student body and SGA.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.
Photo courtesy of Facebook.

“I really do care about the student body because I am part of that body, so why wouldn’t I want it to be awesome for everyone. People see this as a clique and I wasn’t to break that belief, because we really do care – it’s not a joke or a game, it’s a serious position and I have the time and willingness to put for the effort to make this a great year,” said Stewart. 

Josh Durham:

Previously, Durham held the positions of freshman and sophomore class vice president. Durham says that as an athlete he wants to build community outside of his team and that being on SGA would mean seeing what the student body wants or needs and bring those issues to light.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.
Photo courtesy of Facebook.

“I see being apart of this as an opportunity to build friendships and community. I think that I can bring a lot to the table because I’m a business management student and overseeing the budget is kind of my niche and I think I could do a really good job at it,” said Durham.


The chaplain is responsible the spiritual life on campus including all school worship, service projects, and chapel.

Andrea Richardson:

Richardson was previously the senior class president. Richardson said that she is passionate about this position because she sees spiritual potential in everyone on campus and she wants the opportunity to lead and develop that potential. Richardson said that one of her biggest reasons for running is because she loves to encourage people.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.
Photo courtesy of Facebook.

“I can be the voice of the people. I can say what others won’t. I can ask the hard questions. I think it means more that I’m not a religion major and it’s outside of my field. I love the idea of being able to lead and help and inspire people spiritually. I want to show people that God is fun and not a corporate God,” Richardson said.

Justin Schoolcraft:

Schoolcraft has been a peer mentor for two years; this is his first time running for SGA. Schoolcraft said that, as a pastoral ministry major, this is what he’s training for and passionate about. He says that he believes prayer and preaching are powerful tools that he could make use of in this position.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.
Photo courtesy of Facebook.

“I feel like the spiritual life on our campus might be the worst its been in a long time. I would encourage the spiritual growth on campus, but more than that I think the chaplain should be a presence on campus that others can look to for support beyond their positional duties.”

Kaylon King is running unopposed for social life director and Griffin Dunn is running unopposed for communications director.

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