Need weekend plans? Several shows on campus this weekend

 blahhBy Olivia Kelley

Students on campus should have no trouble finding things to do this weekend with three shows scheduled.

Beginning Thursday night at 7 p.m., the Madrigalians will be hosting their 23rd annual Mads Dinner. This event takes place every year to help the Madrigalians raise money for the tour they take at the end of the spring semester.

“It is our biggest fundraiser of the year,” said student director Michelle Cantrell

The theme for this year’s dinner is “Into the Woods” and will feature skits based on the hit musical that the Mads wrote themselves.

“We’ve pretty much been here all week putting it together,” said Cantrell. “We write our own scripts, set the stage, create a menu. It’s pretty much like a dinner theater when we’re done.”

The dinner will be taking place Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and is open to students and the public.

Also happening on Friday night will be the annual “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” production. Based on the hit TV show, “Who’s Line” was originally started by senior Kara Dekker to fundraise for the annual junior/senior dinner and turned out to be a pretty big hit.

“People ended up really enjoying it and so we decided to bring it back this year,” said Dekker.

The show will be nonscripted and include a lot of improvisation and games that include the audience.

“Practice is like playing,” said Dekker. “If we can get up there and make people laugh and have a good time, it really makes what we’re doing worth it.”

Topping off the weekend on Friday and Saturday will be the Mosaic showcase put on by Trevecca theater student. Mosaic is a chance for student playwrights to showcase their work. The plays are written, performed and directed by students.

“It is very minimalistic,” said student director Montgomery Sparrow. “There are no costumes and no set. It’s almost like doing a read-through.”

The show will feature three one-act plays written by Joey Hutton, Kara Dekker, and Carmel Johnson along with three 10 minute skits that have yet to be chosen.

“It’s very low-key but it’s gonna be a lot of fun.” said Sparrow.

Into the Woods: A Madsical
Adults— $15 for a single ticket and $25 for couples

Students — $10 for a single ticket and $15 for couples

General admission (no dinner) — $5

Tickets can be purchased by SGA booth in Jernigan during lunch and dinner OR from any Mads member. Tickets can also be purchased at the door
When: 7 p.m. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Where: TSAC

Who’s Line is it Anyway?
Free admission
When: Friday at midnight
Where: Benson Auditorium

Free admission
When: Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m.
Where: Benson auditorium

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