Tuesday, October 3

Spring break: Nashville

By Jessy Anne Walters

Spring break is just days away and a lot of students are staying in Nashville. If you’re one of those students, you might be sitting there wondering what you’re going to do stuck in Tennessee on a college budget. Worry not – there’s plenty to do.

Thirty-eight percent of our students are from out of state; why get to know the state you’re currently living in? Nashville offers a lot of history to its visitors:

  • The Tennessee State Museum offers FREE admission and is located only ten minutes from Trevecca’s campus. This museum boasts art and history dating back to the nineteenth century.
  • Fort Nashborough also has FREE admission and allows its visitors a close-up view of Tennessee’s history and is located downtown–just minutes away from campus.
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  • The Downtown Presbyterian Church is open for self-guided tours of their property, which is located on 5th Street. The church has been on its property since 1814 and holds history that has helped shape Tennessee.
  • Another FREE Museum to try is Cooter’s Museum and Store; this museum holds the General Lee and other artifacts from the much-loved Dukes of Hazard TV show.

Maybe history isn’t your thing and you’re looking for some fun, (cheap) exciting entertainment. Nashville has a lot going on next week:

  • The Sevier Park Community enter is having a FREE Old House Fair on Saturday 7, 2015. It’s a day-long festival that will include retailers, artists and local companies showcasing new ideas.
  • Nashville Symphony is hosting a FREE concert called Voices of Spring, featuring performances from Kelly Corcoran and the Nashville School of the Arts.
  • The Tennessee Performing Arts Center is doing a showing of the Fly Fishing Film Tour for only $21 dollars per ticket at the James K. Polk Theater.
  • Visiting the Sudekum Planetarium is also a fun option. For only $6 you can learn about night skies and constellations.
  • Grand Old Golf & GoKartstrackgroupstart02web is also having a special deal where you can play all four golf courses for only $20 dollars and ride GoKarts for only $8.

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