Wednesday, May 31

Students hoping for a big snowfall and a day off

From NashSevereWX

By Christy Ulmet

Nashville is bracing for what may be the biggest snowfall in 10 years and Trevecca students are hoping–and tweeting–for a day off.

The National Weather Service is forecasting that snow will begin falling in the early hours of the morning and continuing on through the day. An upwards of 3-7 inches is expected throughout the day. The forecast has students resurrecting a twitter hashtag from last year: #cancelclasstrevecca.

The hashtag, which was used in March when Trevecca did end up canceling classes for weather, was used more 40 times in three hours so far today, making it obvious that students would like a snow day.

While the #cancelclasstrevecca hashtag is popular among students, it is unlikely that the campaign will sway campus officials who make the decision to cancel classes.

Campus officials work with local officials to determine the safety of the roads. Officials will consider commuter students as well as faculty and staff who have to drive across the city to get to campus.

Steve Pusey, university provost, will make the call sometime overnight, said Matt Toy, director of marketing and communication. The announcement will be made public to students and faculty via email and social media as soon as the call is made, Toy said.

All of Middle Tennessee, as well as parts of lower Kentucky, are under a winter weather advisory, which will begin late Sunday night at 12:00 AM, and will continue through Monday until midnight.

Some parts of the city could see up to a quarter of an inch of ice on the roads in addition to the snow, according to the Nashville branch of the National Weather Service.

The TrevEchoes will work to keep students up to date as soon as the decision is made. We will update you here, as well as on our twitter account: @TrevEchoes.​

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