Tuesday, October 3

Terrace Apartments to be converted to men’s housing: current residents looking for new housing

by Olivia Kelley

Renovations on Terrace Apartments will mean that current residents have to find other housing by May 15.

The Terrace Apartment complex on Trevecca’s campus has historically housed married students and any students 23-years-old or older who wish to live on campus.

Buildings A and C of the apartment complex will be converted into apartment housing for junior and senior men on campus and will house two men per apartment. The $400,000 renovations will be mostly for the plumbing and bathrooms.

“The bathrooms will be tiled like the model we did in Shingler with the black tile,” said David Caldwell, executive vice president for finance and administration. “We are trying to get it as standard as we can and we’re trying to get as much done as we can.”

Record breaking enrollment has caused residential spaces to fill up quickly, leaving only five spots open this past year. This year, 1,115 students enrolled at Trevecca and with a projected enrollment of 1,200 students for next year, housing space is limited on campus.

“I would like a little wiggle room,” said Ronda Lilienthal, associate dean of students and residential life

This year 22 undergraduate men moved into the apartments because of the housing shortage.

The number of residents that will be displaced is unknown at the moment. The current residents have to move out by May 15.

“There’s no good or bad way to put it,” said Manon Lane, one of the students being displaced. “I have no idea what I’m going to do yet, but they have been helpful in trying to work with me in the past.”

The students have been given information about a few one bedroom apartments available in the Trevecca Towers, a retirement center on campus that serves as a living environment for seniors and people with disabilities.

The other option being offered to students is Urban Housing Solutions, an apartment complex not too far from campus that provides affordable housing to students living on a budget. Several students and some staff members have already moved into these apartments.

Students that do not take advantage of these options will have to find their own apartments off-campus.

Kristin Bledsoe, university data coordinator, has taken it upon herself to help the residents find affordable housing off-campus.

“I went online and printed off a list of cheaper options to send to anyone who needed it,” said Bledsoe.

Many students are graduating and will not need to take advantage of these options, but they are available to those who do.

“We really have tried to help them as much as possible,” said Bledsoe.

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