Thursday, September 21

Women’s Bible study becomes place of rest and community

By Sydney Wisman

10600541_344397832400760_726745220436190514_nA new women’s accountability group on campus is attempting to offer a safe place for women on campus to talk honestly about their lives.

Kehilah, which in Hebrew means community, is growing each week and now has about 40 attendees.

“We found it was easy to get disconnected with other people,” said Katie Rose Weissend, founder of Kehilah. “I wanted it [Kehilah] to be a space that was free to relax and to be honest, and to talk about deep struggles.”

Kehilah starts off with fellowship, an activity, and then a small devotion. Recently the discussion was about resting in God’s presence. The attendees talked about when and how to rest and the difference between true rest in God’s presence or numbing out with screens and social media.

Then after discussion and prayer with a small group, there is worship under the stars on the lawn.
Girls that attended Kehilah said that it is a good way to build community and it is good to come and de-stress.

“I enjoy Kehilah because it forces me to slow down and intentionally spend time praising God,” said Kate Meyer, freshman.
Kehilah is also aiming at strengthening relationships with classmates.

“My favorite part about Kehilah is the small group time. Even if I don’t know some of the girls, I get to know them on a deeper level. The biggest impact of Kehilah so far is building relationships,” said Charis Simms, junior.

The attendees of Kehilah get many opportunities to connect with one another throughout the group session.
“My favorite part would have to be how it has helped to develop connections and friendships,” said Meyer.

Kehilah is open to all female students at Trevecca and meets at the Pavilion at 9 p.m. on Mondays. Connect to the Kehilah Facebook page here.

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