Thursday, September 21

Students struggle to keep motivation at end of semester

By Maci Shingleton

ImageIf you are reading this article, there’s a chance you are a college student avoiding a homework assignment.

As the spring semester comes to an end and the weather gets nicer, some students say they find it nearly impossible to stay motivated and finish the academic game strong.

“I’m so burnt out and tired of school.  I don’t want to do anything. I’m so sick of writing papers and going to class,” said Paige Mortinsen, a junior psychology major.

If a person were to visit campus this time of year, they would quickly see students outside enjoying themselves. Students are spread out hammocking, longboarding, playing soccer, and just sitting in the grass with friends enjoying themselves. It can be difficult to go to class and miss out on what is happening outside.

“It’s difficult to keep the motivation up because the physical reserves are beginning to drain,” said Doug Lepter, professor of communication. “We have difficulty prioritizing and we have that sense of stress and inability to cope with managing all of those multiple demands emotionally and physically.”

Students’ grades often fall short during the end of the semester, Lepter said.

And it’s not necessarily the poor performing students who slump off in the end, but also high achievers.

“There’s a longing to sit on the porch with sweet tea and forget all this,” he said.

Counseling intern Alex Colston offers students great insight on how to manage their desire for fun and lack of motivation at this point in the semester.

“Look at all you have to do and all you want to do and ask yourself, ‘what am I willing to do?’. Figure out what you are willing to do in that day and in that moment. That’s a good question to ask. What do you value? Are you willing to sacrifice a good grade on an exam to hangout outside for an hour? Or would you rather do something on your to-do list and then reward yourself?” Colston said.

College is a holistic experience, Colston said.

It’s not only about getting a degree but figuring out who you are. Academics and time spent enjoying yourself are equally important, students just need to find balance, he said.


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