Thursday, September 28

Phin advances to round three in Music City Mayhem

By Christy Ulmet


Phin, a band of Trevecca students and alumni, is one of eight bands left in a Nashville music contest.

The band on Friday advanced to round three of Lightning 100’s Sixth Annual Music City Mayhem.

“We are so thankful for all of the people who took time to vote and get others to vote for us in this competition,” said Toby Haydel, band member.

Music City Mayhem began with 32 bands, all hopeful of winning a spot on Live on the Green, a free outdoor concert series at the end of this summer, as well as studio time and a song played on heavy rotation on Lightning 100.

Phin has gone head-to-head with two different bands picked at random and officially found out they would advance to round three late Friday night after beating the band Golden Youth.

Somebody tweeted to Lightning 100’s twitter saying that they couldn’t decide who to vote for, and Golden Youth replied to the tweet telling them to vote for Phin.

“It was a great reminder that this is all in good fun and that even though we are competing against each other, we don’t have to be enemies,” Haydel said.

Round three is one step before the final five concert that will determine the winning band.

The next round of voting will take place on Friday, April 11 when Phin will go up against Safe in Blue.

To vote for Phin, click here.

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