Tuesday, October 3

University hires alum as new dean of enrollment

By Montgomery SparrowHolly Whitby

A Trevecca alum and former director of admissions is back on campus as the new chief of enrollment on campus.

On March 20, the board of trustees hired Holly Whitby as associate provost and dean of enrollment.

Kathy Baugher, who held the position since 2011, left in early March.

The dean of enrollment functions as the leader of the Office of Admissions.  She will oversee admissions, which functions as the sales arm of the university and is responsible for all recruitment.

The position is especially key as Trevecca is making budget cuts in order to balance the budget.  Officials have said more students on campus equates to more revenue for operations.

Dan Boone, Trevecca’s president, has pressed for the recruitment of 300 students as a way to raise operational revenue and create a financially efficient university.

“Holly brings a tremendous background of sales and marketing and the ability to take an outstanding product like the Trevecca experience and put it in front of Trevecca students and bring them to a point of making a decision to invest in that particular experience,” Boone said.

Since graduating from Trevecca in 1995, Whitby has garnered 19 years of experience in sales and business. She worked for 12 years with a local business selling Microsoft solutions. She won awards for distinguishing herself as a saleswoman. Two years ago, she started her own marketing consulting company.

Beginning last fall she has been an adjunct professor in the business department as well.

“Holly already has a background with Trevecca. She has served as the director of undergraduate enrollment, so she knows us and she knows us well,” Peggy Cooning, vice president of external relations, said.

During Whitby’s time at Trevecca she served as SGA president and earned a degree in Business.  She also served as director of admissions.

She has since served as a consultant for TNT and Mission Nashville and has taught as an adjunct for marketing.

“She is the next generation of Trevecca’s leadership ready to emerge,” Boone said.

Whitby shares in Boone’s goal of 300 freshman, but she said it may take a couple of years.

“Our goal this fall is to turn the trend upwards, to make steady progress towards the 300 number,” Whitby said. “We hope to hit it in the next two to three years.”

Whitby plans to work closely with marketing to sell Trevecca.

One plan is to focus on telling academic and financial success stories. She wants to sell Trevecca as a strong academic university in the minds of prospective students, but also a university that works with students financially.

She also wants the office of admissions to create stronger relationships with the various departments and programs across campus.

“We can’t do it alone, we need to build relationships and build a team with the entire campus,” Whitby said.


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