Wednesday, May 31

Trevecca Urban Farm loses a loyal friend

By Christy Ulmet

Jason Adkins, environmental projects coordinator, gets some love from Hero.

Workers on Trevecca’s urban farm are mourning the loss of a dog they fell in love with quickly after he came to live on campus earlier in the year.

Hero, an 11 year-old Pyrenees who herds Trevecca’s goats, had to be put down because of what is believed to have been a stroke.

When Jason Adkins, environmental projects coordinator, arrived at the farm on Monday to do his daily chores, he discovered that Hero was unable to function on the right side of his body, including in his organs. Adkins decided it would be best to put Hero down to keep him from any more pain and suffering.

“This was really sudden and sad. We were hoping to have a few more years with him,” Adkins said.

Hero arrived with another Pyrenees named Lita last December when a flock of fainting goats were donated to the school’s urban farm. The duo acted as herders for the goats and has been with the pack since they were originally obtained by the doner a few years ago.

Hero was rescued from the pound as a 3- year-old when he was in the “last-day” cage, and was able to live eight more years before being put down Monday morning.

Some of Trevecca’s urban farmers gathered by a pecan tree near the farm and held a small ceremony before burying Hero under the tree Tuesday morning.

Adkins hopes to replace Hero’s herding position with another Pyrenees once enough money is raised.

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