Trevecca to host film week leading up to annual film festival

By: Christy Ulmet

ImageTrevecca is kicking off its annual 72-Hour Film Festival with Film Week, a full week of activities leading up to the festival this year.

“White Like Me,” a documentary about racism will screen tonight, a communication professor will offer a film-making boot camp tomorrow night and short films produced by Trevecca students will screen Friday night.

 “I really would like to develop this full-fledged and make it a yearly thing. We’d have a week with films, discussions, boot camp, and contests and hopefully more and more students will get involved,” said Jamey Durham, associate professor of communication.

Durham will offer a boot camp style course for students who want to participate on Thursday afternoon.

“I want to help students in the film festival better their skills, so I’m offering a film boot camp to the film festival participants,” Durham said.

Students who wouldn’t normally participate in the film festival have the opportunity to get involved in other film events this year, director of all-student-body social life Athyn Galardi said.

Students can attend the multiple film forums Trevecca is showing this week, as well as watch student-made short films from some of Durham’s film classes.

All of these events lead up to Trevecca’s annual 72-Hour Film Festival.

In the festival, participants will have three days to put together a short film. Each participant will get an email, marking the start of the three days they have to plan and create the film. The email will have a randomly selected genre and five things that must be included in the film, to help ensure students don’t plan their film ahead of time.

The 72 hours ends Tuesday evening with students, family, and friends coming together at Nashville’s Belcourt Theatre to watch all of the films and cheer their friends on. The audience gets to vote on the awards, which range from best actor to best film. This gives students the chance to have a voice, as well as participate.

Durham added that participating in film events not only helps students to have a hand in things, but also in their spiritual lives.

“Film really shapes and influences our culture. As Christians, we need to know how to speak to culture in the films we create,” Durham said.

How to get involved:

Wednesday, February 5: “White Like Me” (documentary showing); 7 p.m. TSAC

Thursday, February 6: Durham’s Boot Camp (sign up at SGA booth); 3-5 p.m. Mackey 101

Friday, February 7: Trevecca Shorts (students’ films past and present); 7 p.m. Wakefield auditorium

Tuesday, February 11: 72-Hour Film Festival (sign up at SGA booth); 9:30 p.m. Belcourt Theatre

*For more information on these events and for directions to the Belcourt, visit the 72-Hour Film Festival Facebook page

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