Thursday, September 28

Trevecca CMA chapter hopes to connect students to music industry

By Maci Shingleton

Trevecca has joined other Nashville universities in launching a County Music Association student chapter.

CMA EDU, a group that plans to connect students to CMA, provide networking opportunities and allow students to promote artists, kicked off its first meeting last week by hearing from a CMA official about how the club will help them network during their time in Music City.

“We’re going to treat you like business professionals.  The amount of networking opportunities you will get through this program will be incredible,” said Tiffany Kerns, community outreach manager at the CMA.

Around 100 Trevecca students have signed up for the chapter.  They plan to host a country music artist on campus, gain more members and offer hands-on experience. But mostly, the chapter will help give students connections in the vibrant music business industry in Nashville.

“This will improve our image–especially in the country music industry,” said Zach Farnun, co-president of Trevecca’s chapter. “I think this is a great thing for Trevecca and I think it will draw more students here because if we get a really good CMA EDU chapter that is doing a lot of cool things in the industry, I think it will attract students here that want to be involved in country music in one way or another.”

During the inaugural meeting, Kerns helped clarify that CMA is not just an awards show and a festival–it’s a public relations organization.  The organization is eager to connect with youth culture, because young people have the power to dictate who the next big star is.

She also urged students interested in other genres of music to join.

“If you’re a member of CMA EDU, you get to see all of the business sides of what goes into promoting an artist, so it’s kind of similar in every genre so you gain insight as to what goes on,” Farnum said.

CMA EDU is a program that is still being developed so it gives current students that join an opportunity to be hands-on and help mold the program.

Tiffany Kerns Community Outreach Manager at CMA speaks to Trevecca’s CMA EDU Chapter

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